Dear Parent/Carer,
It was lovely to see everyone back this morning smiling, happy to see their friends and looking so smart in their uniform! Welcome today to Miss Bashir, a former pupil, who has joined us on a temporary basis as a TA in RD


Thank you for your understanding and help at the front and back gates this morning and this afternoon. The scaffolding has an impact on what we are doing and we are limited with space on Stow Hill but children have got a really good understanding of how the system is working and settled well. It was a bit busy at the gates first thing because a number of children had been away at the end of last term through illness and so I’ll make sure that we send out class letters to parents next summer, to help with the September return.

The chart below is a reminder about the classes for this year and also the start times. Gates open at 8.45am. Classes in red are Foundation Phase classes (N to Y2) and they are at the back of the school. Children in Year 3 upwards are at the front and are in green.

Nursery amMrs HayesNursery9.1511.30
Nursery pmMrs HayesNursery12.302.45
Reception RDMrs DickensonNursery8.503.20
Reception RSMiss SpeareyNursery8.503.20
IJBMiss Bishop/Mrs JonesNorth Street Top8.503.25
1DMrs DaviesNorth Street Top8.503.25
2ABMrs Agland/Mrs BowdenNorth Street Top8.503.30
2JMrs JonesNorth Street Top8.503.30
3/4PMMiss Pretty/Mrs MortonStow Hill Lower8.503.30
3/4MMrs MorganStow Hill Lower8.503.30
3/4WMiss WallStow Hill Lower8.503.30
5/6GMr GodsallStow Hill Top8.503.30
5/6PMrs ParryStow Hill Top8.503.30
5/6WMiss WatkinsStow Hill Top8.503.30

Some Snack and Lunch Information

  • Please send your child with a labelled bottle of water to drink throughout the day.
  • Please remember that children are not allowed to bring in drinks in glass bottles or cans and that no fizzy drinks are allowed.
  • If your child is bringing food from home, as a member of the Healthy Schools Network, we ask that children bring in a sandwich or wrap, some fruit and a snack biscuit only. No bars of chocolate or packets of sweets are allowed. Please don’t send in warm food or soup or soup in containers, because of the risks associated with warm food in lunchboxes.
  • It is not possible for us to declare ourselves a nut free school, but we want to do all we can to avoid any risk to children or adults so please ensure that your child only brings in nut free snacks.


The Diary Dates sheet will be sent out with next week’s newsletter once final dates have been confirmed. Also coming out next week will be your child’s class topic letter.
The first of our visits this year is a very special trip to Tredegar House for a visit to meet an author, and this has been sponsored by the Literacy Trust.

Relationships and Sexuality Education

Following our meetings in the summer term we have consulted with parents and Governors and have produced our updated RSE Policy. This has been sent on the link above in Schoop.
We are holding an additional Zoom meeting on Friday 9th September at 2.30 for any parent feedback about the final policy and ways of evaluation the process. Please contact me if you would like an invitation.


A special request. If you are the only one in your family who has Schoop, it would be really helpful if another adult in your family could have it as well. This will make life easier for you so please ask a member of staff for the code when you see them at the gates.
Today started so well and I’m so proud of how great the children were in assembly.
I think that this is going to be a great year!
We’re looking forward to our new Reception children arriving tomorrow!

Kind regards,
H Vaughan