Dear Parent/Carer,

Our Harvest Festival on Wednesday was lovely and the children’s performances were really great! They impressed everyone with their enthusiasm and their enjoyment.😊

Well done also to Nursery children who joined us for a while and also Reception children who stayed all the wy through and had only been to one other assembly prior to this. They did so well!

Thank you very much for your very kind donations for our Harvest. The items were collected on Friday by The Raven House Trust and all of the food will go to those who are using the registered foodbank, which is based at Stow Park Church Centre.

It was lovey also to see so many parents turning up to the Reception Reading Meeting which was arranged to help give you ideas of ways to help your child at home.

Similarly, that

The Reception Reading Meeting will take place tomorrow from 2.30-3.15pm and I hope that you’ll be able to join us for that. Mrs Dickenson and Mis Spearey will chat to you about the things we do in the Reception classes to help develop reading and you will also have a pack of items to take home.

We’ll be meeting in our Stiwdio and refreshments will be available on arrival.

Our Harvest Festival is on Wednesday and every class will be performing an item. It’s been several years since we could do this, so we’re really looking forward to it. Children have been busy practising their songs or poems and we can’t wait to hear them!

We will have a few seats available for a parents to watch, on a ‘first come, first served’ basis so please ring the office tomorrow if you’d like to be considered for a seat.

The school photographer will be in all day on Thursday to take individual and group photos. All children will be given a proof copy for you to choose from. A form will be coming out tomorrow which you can use if you want your children to have their photos taken together.

If you have young toddlers and you would like their photos taken, please come to the main entrance at 8.45am where you will be allocated a place in the queue.

Keeping our focus on reading, Mrs Couch is running a Family Learning session entitled ‘Year 1 and 2 Reading at Home’ on Thursday from 9.00-10.30am. We’ll be serving refreshments and you will also get the chance to work with your child in the last part of the session.

Also on Thursday, Dr Emma Gibbins, from Newport Cathedral, will be visiting Key Stage Two children and telling them more about the Night at the Opera music project together with ‘Offstage Opera’ that they have the chance to take part in, over the next few weeks. Children who are interested, will bring home a letter with more information on Thursday.

On Thursday from 3.00-4.00pm, we are again running the Stow Hill Pantry, which is provided by Newport Cathedral and will be in our Family Room by the Nursery entrance. Last week they provided twenty-five bags of staples such as bread and milk and there were also tinned foods that could be shared out. The same amount will be given to us this week but their supply of tinned foods is low so there may not be so much available. We will still be able to support twenty-five families though and this pantry will run for all of this term.

Thank you to staff who have offered to provide a few tins to help and thank you to the congregation of Newport Cathedral, who are supporting this project.

If your need is very great, you’re able to register with the Raven House Food Bank, based at Stow Park Church Centre. If you need help at any time, please come to school so that we can do what we can to help you. #stwoolosfamily

Parent Governor

If you think that you would like to help the school by becoming a Parent Governor, you have until Friday 17th October to submit your nomination form. The information that you supply in the box on the form, will be used to help parents know about candidates, if we need to have an election.

As a Parent Governor, you would have a very important role in representing the parents, helping to share their views and also heling with school decision making.

Please feel free to ask about the role if you are interested in it.

The children were amazing today and they’ve made such a great start to the new school year. We’re very
proud and impressed! 😊

Very kind regards,
Heather Vaughan