Celebrating achievement for all in a caring environment


Dear Parent,

All of the school trips last week were lovely and children were very well behaved and enjoyed themselves. Special thanks to parents who accompanied these visits and supervised groups, because they helped to ensure that the trips could go ahead.

Thank you also to parents who helped us with the refreshments in the Leavers’ Disco on Friday evening.

It was great to see so many parents and grandparents at our Open Day on Monday. Thank you to parents who have committed to the Y2 Summer Reading Projects and to the Junior Reading Project last week.

I hope that you found today’s Summer Reading Project information helpful.

Well done to everyone who took part in our Summer showcase last Tuesday. The singing and instrument playing were excellent! Mrs Parry and Miss Watkins raised £116.35 at this event. Thank you to those who donated raffle prizes.

PC Kathryn Thomas is joining Year 6 on Tuesday and will be talking to them about the problems associated with alcohol.

Later on Tuesday morning, Ben Davies, from Communities First will be talking to the Junior children about the Fit and Fed Summer Project.

Football is the only club running this week.

All other clubs have stopped.

On Wednesday at 10am, Year 6 have their Leavers’ Assembly and I hope that if you are a parent or grandparent of a child in Year 6, you will be able to join us. Children will serve you tea and coffee afterwards.

Councillor Gail Giles, the Cabinet Leader for Education, will also be attending this assembly.

The Welsh Government is currently running a campaign called Discover Teaching to increase the numbers of entrants to teaching, and we are being filmed for part of that campaign. A cameraman and interviewer from the film company Tinopolis will be visiting school on either Tuesday or Wednesday. All filming will be carried out according to parents’ stated wishes.

On Thursday morning, some children from the SHARE Centre Playclub group will be performing a  play with Forum Theatre called ‘Money Minions’ for Year 6 pupils. The children taking part are Jade Morris, Amy Dao, Owen Morris and Magenta Smith (Y7) and the play is about managing money carefully.

The Talent shows are also on Thursday. Children in Year 6 can either have their shirts signed then or can bring in their shirts to sign on Friday.

Our Midday Supervisors are holding a Doctors’ and Nurses’ Day on Friday to raise money for their Defibrillator Fund. This is a fun day and they will be selling items from 20p to £1.00 which people have made for them. Children can dress up or wear casual clothes for a donation of 50p. Please don’t spend money on clothes though. It’s far better for children to just dress up in whatever you have at home, can borrow or can make from cardboard.

Raffle tickets are on sale throughout the week until Friday breaktime. They are 50p a strip and will be drawn with winning tickets allocated to prizes. The Midday Supervisors have had prizes donated from several businesses such as Tiger and Wetherspoons so far.

Friday is also Toy Day. Please don’t send in any plug in equipment or electronic items such as tablets because they could be easily broken.

We break up on Friday for the Summer Holidays and school resumes on Monday 4th September. New Reception children are starting on Tuesday 5th September.

I will send out an extra letter on Wednesday so please look out for that.

Outstanding Dinner Money

Chartwells are concerned about the number of outstanding meal arrears amounts on Parentpay. You should be crediting your child’s Parentpay account (Or Paypoint) before  your child orders a school meal. Please ensure that you pay off all outstanding dinner money before we break up this week.

Welcome Back and Goodbye

It’s lovely to have Mrs Hayes return to us after her period of maternity leave. Welcome back!

We’re also sad to say goodbye to Miss Jones who has been teaching Mrs Hayes’ class while she has been off. I’d like to thank her for all of her hard work and for taking such good care of the Reception class. Good luck in your new job!

Bonus Ball

There was another roll over this week.

Yours sincerely,

H Vaughan