Dear Parent,

It’s been a very busy term and we’re so pleased with all the learning that the children have been doing since January. 😊

Lots of lovely things are happening in our last week of term.

Yoga/Forest School at Hot Health Yoga Studio on North Street took place this afternoon for children in Class 3/4M and all of the children have gone home with something they’ve planted in a pot. We’ve been really lucky to have this partnership project and the other two Y3/4 classes will get the chance to take part in a few weeks.

Dragon Rugby also took place today.

Year 3/4 pupils are visiting Newport Cathedral tomorrow to find out more about the Cathedral and also St Gwynllyw (St Woolos).

Year 5/6 classes are being visited by a baker known as Jeff, from the Welsh Cake Hut, who is mainly based in Cwmbran, as part of their topic work.

On Wednesday it is St Gwynllw’s Day (St Woolos’s Day). This is the Welsh name for St Woolos and, because we’ve been thinking so much about Cynefin (our sense of belonging in Wales) this term, we really wanted to celebrate the saint who is so special to the area and who the school is named after.

Gwynllyw Filwr or Gwynllyw Farfog, known in English in a corrupted form as Woolos the Warrior, or Woolos the Bearded, was a Welsh king and religious figure. He was King of Gwynllŵg in South Wales and is the legendary founder and patron saint of the City of Newport living around the 5th century. One of his sons was called Cadog, whose name was used by Ada as the winning name for The Cadog Hall last term.

Year 2 are visiting the Cathedral on Wednesday and Year 5 are visiting Nant Coch Church for ‘Easter Explained’, which will be a lovely morning of activities and quizzes with snacks.

On Thursday we are having our usual Easter Hat Parade and children are encouraged to wear a hat or bonnet decorated in an Easter style. We don’t want you to spend money on this but children can just decorate or make something to wear on the head that’s got an Easter theme. Every year we are always so impressed by the lovely hat ideas that we see. All children including Nursery, will get the chance to show off their hats to others.

New Rising 3 Nursery pupils are visiting this Thursday.

Our Easter Assembly is on Friday at 9.15am and will be taken by Class 5/6P. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to have a full class assembly and we’re really looking forward to it! We’d love to see you if your child is taking part.

All through this week we will be selling raffle tickets for our Easter Raffle, which will take place on Friday afternoon.

Thank you to staff have already donated lots of lovely eggs and also Asda, who have also donated eggs. Tickets are on sale every day and are 50p each. If you’d like tickets, please write your child’s name on an envelope with ticket money and send it to your child’s class teacher. There is no obligation to buy though. This draw will be online in the afternoon, with each class in their own room. This means that children can see it but it won’t matter if a child doesn’t have a ticket.

All money raised goes into our School Fund to help with activities for our children.

We hope to welcome some congregation members from Newport Cathedral to the school on Wednesday, to thank them for their long-running support for our foodbank, The Pantry. It will be open from 3.15-4.00pm on Thursday in the Family Room near the Nursery entrance.

Netball and Football Clubs are postponed for this week.

Office Request
If your child is absent from school please leave a message on the absence line because the main office isn’t manned first thing in the morning. If you have a problem in the morning and your child will be late, please contact the office by 9.30am so that a meal can be ordered.

Finally, we break up on Friday for two weeks for Easter. School restarts for everyone on Monday 17th April.

I hope that you have a really lovely Easter break!

Very kind regards,
H L Vaughan