Celebrating achievement for all in a caring environment


Dear Parent,

Well done the choir singers who performed at St David’s Hall last Monday, to Year 5 pupils who performed in the Cluster Y5 Transition Concert at The John Frost School last Wednesday and to children in the Operasonic group who took part in the Newport Legends performance at the Riverfront Theatre yesterday. On all three occasions children were complimented on their behaviour and were a credit to you.

Thank you to parents and grandparents who joined us on Thursday for our Sports Day. Although The Gem was waterlogged and we couldn’t use it, we had a great time on the yards. We were also helped by coaches from Sports Xtra.

A special well done also to Year 6 pupils who organized such a good coffee afternoon and bingo session to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster. They organized the whole event themselves and we are very proud of them!

Today children in Classes 4/5B, 5/6P and 5/6W visited Folly Farm for a special visit relating to their Science and Victorians project work.

Nursery children visited their new Reception classes today and they were also joined by children coming to us from other local nurseries.

Later this evening, some children in Year 3 are meeting St Woolos Rotary Club members at The Parkway Hotel, Cwmbran, to give them a presentation about the Hungry Heroes Restaurant project last year. St Woolos Rotary Club support us with various events and we hope to give a children’s presentation to them every year.

Our Midday Supervisors are running a Defibrillator Fund over the next three weeks to get a defibrillator in school which would be available to the local community. They have a number of events planned and have already been promised that they can apply for match funding through a connection in Lloyds TSB.

The first event, which you have had a note about, is a coffee morning at The SHARE Centre on Tuesday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am. I hope that you will be able to join them for this event.

Tomorrow, Bryony Bromley from Eco Schools is visiting our Eco Team as part of our Platinum Award accreditation process which is in progress.

PC Kathryn Thomas is joining our Year 2 children on Tuesday to talk to them about Medicine Safety.

Our Transition Day takes place on Wednesday when children will spend some time in their new classes.

Also on Wednesday, the Nursery Garden Parties will take place at 10.30am and 2.00pm. There will be a variety of activities and one of the things that they will be doing in each party is launching some balloons. I hope that you will be able to join us for these.

On Thursday, Reception classes are visiting Puxton Park and I know that they will really enjoy this visit.

The Nursery will be closed on Friday because new pupils who are starting in September have their special visits.

Reports are going out on Friday. (Nursery Reports will be on Monday.) You may notice that these look a little different. This is because we have trialled a slightly different format and we have been helped with this by James Davies (husband of Mrs Davies) who volunteered to help us produce the new format and I appreciate his help.

Open Day

Our Open Day will take place on Monday 10th July from 2.30-5.30pm and you are invited to come along and look at your child’s work with them. (See the Nursery door for extra times.) During the afternoon, we will run a set of meetings to give you some information about a Year 2 Reading Project and also our Junior Reading Extravaganza. You will be sent extra information about these meetings separately.

BBC TV programme

The programme that the BBC were filming for in our school is currently being screened on a Monday evening at 10.30pm. It is a three episode series called Strangers in a Strange Land and the director is Sian Roderick. It is available on BBC iPlayer for a month. Our school features in the third episode on Monday 10th July which partly focuses on one family, that of Andi, who was chosen once the team had begun to film with us. We were originally selected for the filming because of the strong record of success the school has working with every pupil, regardless of their background or additional need.

Bonus Ball

There is a roll over this week.

Yours sincerely,

H Vaughan