In this school we can celebrate our differences.


I like finding out about the school’s history. The school was built in 1904.
I like maths because if I don’t make it as a footballer, I’ll need maths for a job.


This is an excellent school and it has been worth my while being here because there are very nice teachers and students who have helped me along the way. The thing I’ve enjoyed most is when we had our activity day during Wellbeing Week because there was such a variety of activities to choose from. I chose the positivity cloud, the clay and the gardening.


Everyone is one big family and no-one is ever left out and everyone accepts their differences. It’s always been the same since nursery.


I really like it because we work together as a team. I like Science because we get to do these fun experiments with lots of equipment. I really enjoy them.


I just like all the little things like people being polite in the hall and all the fun big events like the Eid parties, the Christmas Fayre and celebrating each others differences, not pushing them aside.


I like our work when we get to learn about different things. The topics we do are very interesting. Our mountain topic was fun when we got to do the mountaineer training in our Mountain Day. We had to do different exercises and run laps and we timed ourselves.


The students are lovely. I remember when I started school I was quite scared and everyone was nice to me. My favourite thing is ICT because it’s interesting.