Dear Parent/Carer, 

Apologies for the late delivery of this newsletter. 

Thank you very much for supporting our Christmas Fundraising Day so generously. 😊 We had a tremendous number of items brought in on our Tombola Tuesday and I know that the children winning prizes in the draw on Friday really appreciated the prizes, especially all the chocolate! Thank you also for helping by returning the Smarties tubes and thank you also to staff who, as usual, brought in items for a family Christmas food hamper and a chocolate hamper. 

So far we have raised over £1,000 and I‘ll let you know the final total as soon as I can. All of the money raised will go towards Christmas activities for the children. 

This Week 

Today Year 5/6 classes were joined by Rhys DW Jones and Daniel David who ran the first in series of several workshops to be run in Newport schools, looking at facts in the news and fake news. 

This activity was sponsored by Our Chartist Heritage which seeks to promote democracy in Newport, the city at the heart of the Chartist Rising of 1839. 

This is a very relevant subject area and all three classes engaged really well, coming up with some great ideas. 

Football and Rugby continue as usual this week. 

Children are practising both week and next for their class/year group concerts which they will perform next week and the week after and will share with other classes. 

On Thursday, children in the Nursery are hoping to meet Father Christmas at Belle Vue Park. If conditions change, and this isn’t possible, then we will hold an event for the children in the Nursery garden and we will still have our special visitor. We will let you know if there is any change but, whatever happens, we’ll ensure that the children have a lovely time. 

The Reception classes are doing their concert on Friday. This is for children only and, unless conditions change, will be in Belle Vue Park. They are practising really hard for this and are doing really well with their singing. 

Parental Consultations 

The last of our Parental Consultations, which are for Class 3/4J, take place next Tuesday 7th December and Wednesday 8th. Parents of children in that class will be sent a revised booking message on Schoop. 

Family Learning 

Our third SWOPS session will be released this Thursday instead of last week. Apologies for the delay in sending out the SWOPS (St Woolos Online Parent Support) information for ‘Counting to 20’. The letter will go out to targeted year groups tomorrow. 

Eco Tip 

This week’s Eco Tip is: 

Close doors to keep rooms warm and draught-free and avoid having to turn up the heat. 

Traffic and Parking 

There has been a change in the current parking conditions near the school and parents are asked to be mindful that they might incur charges when using the car park on Stow Hill without a ticket. The school and Governors have tried very hard to find a compromise with the Car Parking department over parking in the local area and we will continue to keep this issue live. 

In the meantime, please help the traffic flow at the start and end of the day, by not driving up North Street but instead by driving through Baneswell and along Jones Street towards the school. This helps to maintain a one way system, which makes things easier for everyone. 

Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 

H Vaughan